Concerto of Deliverance

John Mills-Cockell

Music inspired by a theme in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

Here you will find information about the album: Brief Overview, excerpts, reviews, production notes, and other articles, such as an interview with John Mills-Cockell, the composer commissioned for the work.

Here is an opportunity to discover new possibilities, remember past experiences, and arrive at life's purpose.

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Music Samples *

If you like modern music, try Sample 2 & 4.
If you like classical, try Sample 1, 3 & 5.
If you like vocals, try Sample 6 & 7.
If you like all kinds, try them all.
And, if you like any of these samples,
you'll like the album as a whole.
These are but 8.5 out of 79 minutes of rich, moving, and memorable music.

Sample 1
From "Prelude"
(1:22 of 7:21, Trk 1)

Sample 2
From "The Gathering"
(2:08 of 11:03, Trk 3)

Sample 3
From "Transfiguration"
(1:28 of 9:13, Trk 11)

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Modern Sounds Publishing (SOCAN)
Published 2004:
Modern Sounds Publishing & Sunburst Music (SOCAN)

Music Samples *

Sample 4
From "Departure at Dawn"
(0:54 of 8:45, Trk 5)

Sample 5
From "Trio"
(1:49 of 10:07, Trk 7)

Sample 6
From "Wolfskin on the Fire"
(0:19 of 0:55, Trk 12)

Sample 7
From "You'll Find Me"
(1:07 of 4:03, Trk 14)


*Copyright © 2004:
Modern Sounds Publishing (SOCAN)
Published 2004:
Modern Sounds Publishing & Sunburst Music (SOCAN)

Titles from Concerto of Deliverance Album


Concerto of Deliverance

Seven movements for Instruments & Voices

Music by John Mills-Cockell

Inspired by words from Ayn Rand
"She sat listening to the music. It was a symphony of triumph.
The notes flowed up, they spoke of rising and they were the rising itself,
they were the essence and the form of upward motion, they seemed to
embody every human act and thought that had ascent as its motive.
It was a sunburst of sound, breaking out of hiding and spreading open.
It had the freedom of release and the tension of purpose.
It swept space clean, and left nothing but the joy of an unobstructed effort.
Only a faint echo within the sounds spoke of that from which the music had escaped,
but spoke in laughing astonishment at the discovery that
there was no ugliness or pain, and there never had had to be.
It was the song of an immense deliverance."

"The Concerto of Deliverance", Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957


"A musical adventure of discovery, remembrance, and arrival."

Two years in the making.
A full-length CD, 79 minutes - 15 tracks, of original music.
To be listened to and enjoyed, like a book is read, or a movie watched.

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Interview with John Mills-Cockell


Concerto of Deliverance
Composer: JohnMills-C ockell
Executive Producer: Monart Pon, Sunburst Music
Copyright © 2004 Modern Sounds Publishing (SOCAN)